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  • instant pot zuppa toscana soup

    Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana Soup

    Inside: Kick it up and notch with this Olive Garden Copycat, Instant Pot Zuppa Toscana Soup! The first time I ever attempted to copycat my favorite Olive Garden soup at home, my hubs looked and me, looked at it, and wearily asked…what’s the green stuff? That’s usually the question I get from my kids with […]

  • Instant Pot Creamy Chicken Rice Soup

    Inside:¬†This Instant Pot Creamy Chicken and Rice Soup is the PERFECT soup to warm you up on rainy days! Make some creamy chicken, mushroom, and wild rice soup in less than 15 minutes with your Instant Pot, and your whole family will love it! It’s rainy today. Scratch that. It’s absolutely pouring outside. The kind […]

  • instant pot tomato soup

    Instant Pot Tomato Soup

    Inside: Make an easy healthy tomato soup in your Instant Pot using fresh tomatoes. Throw those cans out and fall in love with this Instant Pot tomato soup recipe. Growing up I hated tomato soup. I had it once, it was absolutely paste-y disgusting, and then I refused for 20+ years to ever try it […]

  • Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

    Inside: This Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup recipe will keep you warm on even the coldest days! No need to slave over a hot oven to make this home-style classic, simply pour all of your ingredients into your Instant Pot, go enjoy some family time, and let your pressure cooker do the heavy lifting! Have […]

  • instant pot vegetable beef soup

    Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

    Inside: Make this Instant Pot Vegetable Beef Soup for a quick hearty and healthy meal! You can even make this with leftovers! One of my favorite Instant Pot soups is vegetable beef soup. It’s hearty, filling and I can make it with what’s in my fridge. This recipe does not disappoint! Last year at this […]