Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

Inside: Turn up the heat with this Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe! This hearty beef chili is bound to be a crowd pleaser with the cornbread waffles which adds a fun twist!

Ever had one of those days where you just need a meal that takes you back home?

Maybe that recipe is an apple pie that grandma used to make or a casserole that your mom used to bake when you were a child.

For me, that recipe is this Texas Chili. Every single bite is filled with bitter-sweet memories. Imagine my excitement when I figured out how to turn it into an Instant Pot recipe!

Two of my favorite things. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

Electric Pressure Cooker Chili

When the hubs first gave me our Instant Pot, I was terrified to use it. I thought the damn thing would explode.

I mean we have all heard those horror stories about the person who used a pressure cooker, who let the pressure get too high, and then had spaghetti stains on their ceiling for eternity.

So, I called my grandma. I knew she knew her way around a pressure cooker and she could knock some sense into me.

And sure enough she did.

Turns out that those horror stories are just that, horror stories. Your Instant Pot has some safety mechanisms in place so it won’t explode.

I am sharing this with you because in that in that conversation my grandma shared with me how to turn our family chili into a delicious Instant Pot Beef Chili. It was a phone call filled with golden tid-bits of knowledge!

Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

Pressure Cooker Texas Chili

Making this Instant Pot Beef Chili with Beans was ridiculously easy. I think the hardest part was figuring out which setting I needed to use. And y’all I seriously overthought that.

The Instant Pot chili setting was just straight up pressure cook. I told y’all, it’s simple!

In fact, it was so ridiculously simple that I broke out the waffle maker to make some cornbread waffles. If you have never tried cornbread waffles before then you have got to give this a try! They are so much fun and my kids absolutely love them!

Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

Plus cornbread waffles are perfect for dipping!

No crumbles.

No mess.

Just sweet cornbread goodness.


Oh! and if you aren’t making this texas chili right this minute make sure to pin this post so you can find it easily once you are ready to start cookin’!

Pressure Cooker Texas Chili Recipe

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