Perfect Instant Pot Rice

A super simple and quick recipe to make rice in an Instant Pot in less than 15 minutes!

Inside: This perfect Instant Pot rice recipe is a total LIFESAVER at dinner time! Save yourself a serious headache by using this super simple and quick recipe to make rice in an Instant Pot in less than 15 minutes!

I. Love. Rice.

What I don’t love?

Dragging out my ginormous rice cooker – reverse that, first I have to find space on my counter for the ginormous rice cooker – then waiting what feels like 100 years for a bowl of rice, and then having it turn out too soggy. Yuck!

The solution?

It’s TOTALLY simple!

This perfect Instant Pot rice recipe is absolutely amazing for getting your rice perfect every single time, and it’s so much quicker and simpler than the old way!

Instant Pot Rice

If you’re looking for a super simple side dish that you can throw together in less than 15 minutes, this Instant Pot rice is the recipe for you!

Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll have it down pat. You’ll be making perfect rice without even thinking about it.

Heck, this Instant Pot recipe is so simple, you can even let your kiddos make it while you make the rest of dinner!

Instant Pot Rice

For now, you can follow these super simple Instant Pot rice instructions! You’ll just need to throw a few ingredients in your Instant Pot, set it, and you are free to do whatever while the Instant Pot works its magic!

Go help your kiddos with their homework, make another part of dinner, open up a bottle of wine… Go ahead, we won’t judge!

And in less than 15 minutes you’ll have perfectly cooked rice, every single time!

Instant Pot Rice

Items Recommended to Make Rice in Your Instant Pot

 Clip-on Colander Wooden Turner Instant Pot DUO


Of course, you won’t want to make just rice. What’s the fun in that?

(Okay, full disclosure… Sometimes I make just brown rice for myself for lunch…)

But when I’m making dinner for my family, I know rice is more of a side dish, even if it’s totally perfect rice from my Instant Pot…

So if you’re like me, and you already know you want to make rice, but you’re blanking on ideas for the main course, here are a few ideas for you!


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Instant Pot Rice

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