Simple Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken

Inside: Take a tropical break from winter with this Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken. This simple Instant Pot recipe for chicken with pineapple is kid friendly and taste bud approved!

I want to go on a vacation.

I NEED to go on a vacation.


Since kids, I cannot remember the last vacation, I have taken that was just 100% for the hell of it. As I sit here staring at the piles of laundry and paperwork…*sigh*


While I might not be able to slip away right this minute to some isolated island with bottomless margaritas, I can turn up the music, pop an easy dinner into the Instant Pot, and kick back for a day of relaxation.

This my friends is exactly how this Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken came to be.

Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken

Winter this year has been…menopausal.

One day the snow is melting and it’s warm enough to open all the windows to let in some fresh air. The next day? Full on angry blizzard.

Ya’ll, I’m a southern girl.

I do not do snow.

Even the teeniest amount of ice on the road and I’m out, snuggled under piles of blankets acting like the world is ending.

Leave the house?

That’s a big NOPE.

So today we got hit with yet another lovely snow storm and this one was nasty. Glancing outside the window the snow looked so pure and fluffy. That was until I stepped outside and slid all the way down my driveway butt first.

Driving to the store? That was out of the question.

So I was in a conundrum.

What do I make that my kids would actually eat with minimal effort so I could have my staycation?

Ok my potheads, you ready to get cooking? You can find the Instant Pot Hawaiian Chicken Recipe directly below.


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