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  • instant pot corn on the cob

    Instant Pot Corn on the Cob

    (Inside: You’ve GOT to try this super simple Instant Pot Corn on the Cob recipe! Have hot, fresh pressure cooker corn on the cob ready in less than 5 minutes!) It’s summertime, and that means one thing in this house… Corn on the cob. It’s an absolute classic, and we eat it all summer long… From […]

  • Instant Pot Brown Rice

    Instant Pot Brown Rice

    Inside: This easy Instant Pot brown rice recipe takes only a few minutes to make, and it’s delicious! Make the perfect simple and healthy side with this Instant Pot brown rice with your dinner today! I am a sucker for rice. All kinds of rice. With all kinds of toppings and sauces… My sister and I […]

  • instant pot mashed potatoes

    Easy Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes Recipe

    Inside: These Instant Pot mashed potatoes are SO YUMMY and they’re super easy to make! With this recipe, it’s easy to make Instant Pot mashed potatoes for a crowd in no time! It’s the perfect Instant Pot mashed potatoes recipe for family gatherings. My favorite food is carbs. Pasta. Baked Potatoes. Rice. Candy. It’s all fair […]

  • instant pot butternut squash

    Instant Pot Butternut Squash

    Inside: This instant pot butternut squash cube recipe is super simple and totally delicious! Even kids will love this easy instant pot butternut squash recipe!  My kids are super picky. I mean, I get it… I’m picky too. I grew up on hamburger helper and happy meals, so trying to feed my family healthy foods can […]