Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde Recipe

Inside: A quick and easy Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde recipe that is bound to be a crowd pleaser! Save your sanity and impress your friends and family while your pressure cooker does all the heavy lifting!


I. Love. Chicken Chile Verde.

It’s actually a love affair that goes back a few years.

See, I had the worst cold, and I was complaining to a sweet friend of mine.

“I’ve got just the thing to clear you up! My mom’s made it for me for years!”

I figured it was going to be a simple chicken noodle soup or something, but boyyyyy was I wrong!

See, my friend’s mom was born and raised in Mexico, and when they need to clear up your sinuses, it’s spicy chicken chile verde to the rescue!

But trust me, this recipe is so good your whole family will be begging you to make it, so why not save your sanity and let your Instant Pot do the heavy lifting with this delicious Instant Pot chicken chile verde recipe!

Oh my goodness, that makes me feel better just looking at it…

Spicy… Chile… Sooooooo goood!

Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde Recipe

This Instant Pot Chicken Chile Verde recipe took some testing…

I wanted to make it exactly like my friend made it for me.

After a few tests with my trusty Instant Pot, I knew I had knocked it out of the park.

The real test, though, was when I handed the first bowl to my husband.

See, he’s kind of a food snob.

As a food blogger, I cook a lot. And I’ll let you in on a liiiiittle secret.

Sometimes my recipes don’t turn out how I think they will.

And my husband? He’s my number one food critic.

He has no qualms about telling me when something is “off” about something I’m cooking!

So handing him his bowl I was a little nervous.

I knew it tasted perfect to me, but would it pass his food-snob test?

“Did Lisa bring over some Chicken Chile Verde?!”

I had done it! My Instant Pot chicken chile verde recipe was absolutely perfect and made soup just like Lisa’s.

Now I can’t wait to share it with you!


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