Quick Leftover Instant Pot Chicken Pizza

Even the pickiest kids will love this Instant Pot buffalo chicken pizza recipe!

Inside: This Instant Pot buffalo chicken pizza recipe is the absolute best way to use leftovers in the Instant Pot! Even the pickiest families will love this yummy Instant Pot buffalo chicken pizza!

My family is filled with picky eaters. Absolutely filled.

“But I don’t liiiiiiiike it…” is heard pretty much every day.

And this mama is tired of it. Let me tell you.

But I just can’t bring myself to give up on foods that I actually enjoy…

How do we compromise?

I take some of my favorite foods, and turn them into kid-friendly recipes like this Instant Pot buffalo chicken pizza!

My favorite part about the Instant Pot buffalo chicken pizza recipe?

You can totally make this with leftovers.

No more reheating sad leftovers in the microwave and letting them get all mushy.

Turn them into something new with the Instant Pot!

This is how I normally use leftovers to help my picky kids:

Every Friday is “date night at home”. My husband and I make a fun dinner together after the kids are in bed and enjoy a meal in (relative) peace.

The leftovers from our date night meal become lunch on Saturday.

But I always re-purpose the leftovers!

This leftover chicken pizza is delicious, and it only takes a few minutes to put together.

You’ll quickly become the coolest mom ever for making them homemade pizza. They won’t even realize you’re cooking leftovers!

So when you’ve got some tasty leftover chicken that needs something to spice it up, grab this buffalo chicken pizza recipe and you’ll be good to go!


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